Aerial Dance

Toward Primary pupils all participated in some aerial dance at Innellan Primary School on Thursday 6th September.

EVERYBODY DANCE aims to inspire, create and explore great dance experiences with disabled and non-disabled people of all ages in unexpected spaces.

Pupils comments:-...
"We were lucky enough to go on a school trip to Innellan to go aerial dancing. I did a handstand and I felt like I was flying and it was amazing, and I went upside down and it was really really, really fun"
"I thought it was fun, scary and exciting, at first I was scared but after I was not scared"
"It felt very weird. The best part was the spinning"
"We were flying in the sky"
"I felt like I was swimming throught the air, I felt like I was in another world"
"I felt like a superhero"
"I felt free and alive (also very dizzy) This was magical"
"This was an amazing experience"