Inverchaolain Coffin Trail

Inverchaolain Church

As part of  Innellan and Toward Primary Schools joint Health Week, the pupils spent the day exploring and researching the history of Inverchaolain Church on Loch Striven on Monday 16th May 2016.  They were joined by parents, siblings and members of the public at various times throughout the day.

They listened to Mary Lamb, Custodian of Lamont History, explain the history of the church and how this is the fourth church to be built on this site.  They examined the stain glass windows; counting how many faces they could see hidden in the window.  They studied the memorial plaques around the walls commemorating the Lamont family many who lived and died abroad.

Eleanor Stevenson, Convenor of Innellan & Toward Community Council, guided the pupils in exploring grave stones and learning about the lives of the people who lived in the area, including studying the beautiful carved stone dedicated to a member of the Coates family who used to own Castle Toward.   The pupils also identified different lichens growing on the stones.

The most energetic section of the day was when pupils walked up part of the ‘Coffin Trail’.  They learned how people would have carried the dead in coffins over the hills from other parts of the parish to be buried at Inverchaolain.   As they walked they admired the beautiful views over the Clyde towards Bute and over to Arran.

Lunch was a relaxing healthy picnic on the beach.  Pupil, staff, parents and members of the public sat and chatted whilst they ate and skimmed stones.

A great learning experience had by everyone.