Technology Day

Pupils from Toward, Innellan, St Muns and Dunoon, supported by Gary Clark and Steven Simpson have been learning how to write computer code.  Dunoon has been using Lego WeDo and the other schools have been using Kudo.  The progress and improvements in the pupils independent working and problem solving has been fantastic and the pupils over a period of a few weeks have managed to develop a wide range of simple to complex games.  Some of the games have been for 1 – 3 players with a wide variety of worlds to be negotiated, tasks to be performed and scores to be achieved to win.  Others have built lego toys that they have been able to programme to move in a variety of ways.    All the pupils have learnt the basics of computer programming and hopefully a greater understanding of all the work that goes into developing the computer games they play.The pupils involved in this exciting programme got together at Innellan Primary School to showcase and celebrate what they had achieved over the 6-week period.   They invited the local councillors to come and see what they had done and Councillors Walsh and Breslin were able to join us and the pupils enjoyed explaining to them in great depth what they had been doing.