Wild About Scotland

What is the Wild about Scotland Bus ?

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) has teamed up with Clydesdale Bank to offer completely FREE wildlife sessions to children all over Scotland. The project delivers an outreach programme on Scotland's natural history via a bespoke double-decker bus. The bus has been fully converted to provide a unique and inspiring teaching space for school children, and provide fun, practical sessions that fully complement the National Curriculum for Excellence.

The Wild about Scotland Bus  came to Toward Primary School to do a session on the basic ecology of beavers and wildcats, the re-introduction of beavers into Scotland and what is being done to help save the Scottish wildcat. The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland is actively involved in their conservation.

We also looked at the main threats to wildlife in Scotland and what personal action can be taken to help. Pupils worked in small groups rotating around six stations on the bus, each offering clues to a particular threat faced by Scottish wildlife (they are: habitat loss, pollution, over-hunting, live capture, invasive species and natural disasters).  It concluded with a discussion about how the threats are being managed and the pupils deciding how they could change their behaviour to help the environment.