Toward Primary School

School meals are cooked at Innellan Primary and transported daily.  The pupils all receive a menu in advance and they select either a starter and a main course or a main course and a sweet /fruit. This helps us to make sure that the pupil gets what they request and they can also decide on which days they wish to have school lunch. The school requests that payment for the meals is sent into the school along with the lunch slip (by paying this way we reduce the paperwork and it is easier for parents to keep track of what they are paying). Should your child have special dietary requirements please notify the school. Lunch cost £2.30 per day.  Milk is free if ordered with a school meal.  For more information on school meals, including allergens and special dietary requirements.

Children of parents and carers receiving income support or income based jobseekers allowance or Child Tax Credit (subject to entitlement) are entitled to a free midday meal. Information and application forms for free school meals may be obtained from schools and the area office.  Information on Free School Meals.

From August 2021, all Primary 1 – 4 pupils are entitled to free school meals and milk.